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Whisky Sponge Edition No.74 sees us returning to one of our most beloved distilleries: Bowmore!

This is an 18 year old Bowmore. It was distilled in 2003 and matured in a refill sherry butt, however a few years ago its maturation was 'broken' by spending some time out of cask. It was then put back into a different refill sherry butt to continue maturing. Hence the age being 18 years old.

This is a sibling cask to the 17 year old Bowmore we bottled as Whisky Sponge Edition No.50, except this time it has an extra year of maturation under its belt and - as this is the last cask of this parcel of stock - we've bottled it at natural cask strength.

This cask isn't quite as sherry-forward as its sibling. It's a more exuberantly fruity and classical modern Bowmore with beautiful inflections of soft, dry peat smoke, a wealth of coastal freshness and mineral character and lighter background hints of leather, tar and eucalyptus from the refill sherry influence. Beautiful, powerful, chiselled and complex.

No soap was detected or utilised during the shepherding into being of this bottling.

The entire Decadent Drinks team would like to thank Rembrandt for kindly dying in 1669, thus allowing us to riff on his masterpiece 'The Storm on the Sea of Galilee' without fear of legal reprisal.

We hope you enjoy this very special bottling, it'll probably be our last Bowmore for quite a length of time.

Sloppy yet surreptitious smooches.

Bowmore 18 year old Whisky Sponge


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