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The story of David C Stewart and the creation of two extraordinary red roses. Inspired by the history of Balvenie castle. This story celebrates the story of the rose, the desire of their visitors for a distillery exclusive and the romance in creating a new whisky.

The nose has intense ripe fruits combined with robust earthy tones reveal mouth-watering fragrances, from fresh mango to subtle oak

Burst of blackberry and ripe peach sweetness conceal vibrant oak and cracked black pepper flavours, leaving a gentle woody spice

Lingering oakiness finish

A story of a rare red rose that would go on to inspire not one, but two rare Balvenie whiskies. The first, the original Balvenie Rose, was a liquid of intriguing colour and taste that became the talk of Dufftown. Both stories began many centuries ago in a castle high on a Speyside hill

Margaret Douglas, widow of the 8th Earl of Douglas, lived for many years in Balvenie Castle. On the edge of the land that would eventually become the home of The Balvenie Distillery. Her rent for living there, payable to King James II, took the form of one exquisite red rose.

The flower, so the story goes, had a vibrant magenta hue, and was considered not only to be extremely beautiful, but extremely valuable too.

Balvenie The Second Red Rose

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